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How we teach

Literacy and maths are given highest priority in the Ivydale curriculum so that children develop the skills they need to improve their learning now and as they get older.



Phonics is taught explicitly in Foundation Stage and KS1 and where necessary in KS2. Twinkl Phonics is used to ensure that young children will be well-placed to read and spell words with fluency and confidence by the time they reach the end of KS1.​


Children are taught to read in a variety of ways.  Through individual reading, guiding reading in groups and whole class reading children are given opportunities to learn comprehension skills and develop fluency by reading a range of texts - fiction, non-fiction, poetry etc.  For more information on how we teach phonics and literacy, please speak to Jan Harpley (Assistant Head), Katie Murray (Phase 1 literacy lead) or Grant Perry (Phase 2 literacy lead).



We follow Southwark's medium term plans and calculation policy.  As well as securing strong number skills, children also access problem solving, investigations and reasoning regularly.  Children are taught to use models and images to support their mathematical thinking. For more information on how we teach​ maths, please speak to Laura Blackman (Phase 1 maths lead) or Kath Nicholls (Phase 2 maths lead).


The wider curriculum

Our topics enable our children to use their skills and develop knowledge across the curriculum.

Music is taught by specialist music teachers and includes whole class instrument lessons for every child in Key Stage 2.  PE is taught by both a specialist PE coach and class teachers.  Swimming is taught in Year 4, with half a term of top up in Year 6.  Mandarin is taught in Key Stage 2 by a specialist teacher.  Chess is taught in Year 5. For more information about the wider curriculum, please click on the Our Learning heading above.


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