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Black & British: Women in History

Do you know who these women are?

Each of the images below shows an important Black woman who lived and worked in Britain over the last 2000 years. Although hard to find in the history books, their stories are important to us all.

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Our Community: Our Journeys

Beachy Head Woman
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Inspired by 2019’s Black History Month theme: Migrations, we are launching a community-wide oral history project and we need your help! We are asking all members of our community to contribute the story of their journey to live/ work in our corner of London.


Maybe you have always lived here? Possibly you have recently moved into the area? Perhaps your parents or grandparents moved here before you were born?  


Whatever your journey, we want to hear from you.


Our pupils will use these ‘oral histories’ to positively explore the idea of migration; celebrating the differences that make our community unique and the common factors which bring us together.

Sarah Forbes Bonetta
Ivory Bangle lady
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